The Top 4 Benefits of Marriage Therapy

Have you stayed in an unhappy marriage, allowing your resentment to build to such a level of discontent that you feel your only option is to take a trip to divorce court? In a recent research poll of Bay area counselors specializing in marriage therapy, San Diego couples seem to be seeking professional couples counseling more than ever before.

There are many benefits of marriage therapy that every couple should consider before deciding to end the union, especially if there are children involved. Here are just the top 4 benefits as suggested by the San Diego Chapter of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists (CAMFT).

Face the Problem Head On

CAMFT consistently warns that spouses who do not voice their unhappiness are doomed to a lifetime of misery. “Going with the flow” in the hopes that something will miraculously change within the marriage is a certain recipe for disaster. Once the breakdown in marital communication has progressed beyond a certain threshold, it is almost impossible for couples to resolve their problems on their own. Professional marriage counseling can act as a “safe place” to vent these frustrations openly.

Learn how to Communicate

Many marriages decline simply because one or both of the spouses very often lack the necessary communication skills or self-confidence to effectively resolve the marriage’s internal turmoil in a productive and healthy manner. A skilled marriage therapist will guide you through the process of conflict resolution by focusing on enhanced communication techniques.

“Communication” is more than just “talking” more clearly. Learning how to “listen” better so that you can more easily understand what your spouse is truly saying and feeling is perhaps one of the most significant benefits of marriage therapy. For truly effective marriage therapy, San Diego counselors are focusing more on teaching healthier and more effective conflict resolution skills to the spouses in their care.

Make Your Feelings Known

Too many couples keep their feelings bottled up until they boil over with resentment and anger. After all, it actually takes a great deal of energy to “open that can of worms. But many people fail to realize just how much energy is required to suppress these issues and resentments. One of the most valuable skill sets for a healthy and happy marriage is be able to openly state your needs and concerns to your spouse without fear of recourse. Only then will the other partner clearly understand the others feelings and desires.

If you never tell your husband that there is a problem, how can he fix it? Both spouses must feel safe enough to discuss any issue without being afraid of hurting feelings or anger. Professional marriage therapy by a reputable San Diego counselor teaches spouses how to have their needs met without making demands, giving ultimatums, or escalating the conflict even further.

Work through Unresolved Issues

Some issues are simply too difficult to resolve with a simple conversation over dinner. Marriage Therapy provides a safe environment in which both partners can reveal their deepest feelings of unhappiness or resentment. Often times, simply having a place to express your feelings openly is all that is needed for a breakthrough to occur.

On the other hand, you may discover that your spouse just doesn’t want to “do the work”. If this is the case and the marriage indeed ends, then at least you will have given it your very best effort. Couples who benefit the most from marriage therapy are most often the ones where both parties are willing to do whatever is necessary to salvage and repair the relationship.

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