• Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

    Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy

    Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples is a short-term, scientifically supported therapy that helps people get to the heart of their problems quickly and create lasting positive changes in their relationships.

  • Counseling to Improve Communication

    Counseling to Improve Communication

    Having problems does not mean there is something wrong with your relationship. What is more important is how issues are resolved

  • Counseling to Resolve Conflict

    Counseling to Resolve Conflict

    Some people mistakenly believe that a happy partnership or marriage is free from conflict. No relationship is free from conflict. In fact, conflict can actually be a sign of a healthy relationship depending on how the conflict plays out.

  • Recover from Infidelity

    Recover from Infidelity

    One of the most devastating experiences a couple may face is infidelity. An affair eliminates the trust and security that is needed for a couple’s emotional bond. To have a healthy emotional bond, partners must believe that their feelings are important, they matter and if they come close, they won’t be hurt or betrayed. When an affair happens, the emotional bond is uprooted sending the relationship into crisis mode.

  • Therapy to Increase Intimacy

    Therapy to Increase Intimacy

    Relationship intimacy involves both a strong physical and emotional bond. In a committed relationship, physical and emotional intimacies are connected and interdependent on each other.  One doesn’t happen without the other. Having and maintaining relationship intimacy is important. It fulfills our human need of belonging and to be cared for. Studies show that intimacy is a critical part of our overall health, happiness and sense of meaning in life.

Specialized Relationship Counseling | Couples Therapy | Marriage Counseling in San Diego, CA

In your relationship, do you experience emotions going from zero to sixty in a split second? Are you stuck in a rut, returning to the same conflict over and over with the same results every time? Do you feel unsuccessful in your relationship or marriage? You are not alone. Many couples have trouble with communication and conflict resolution. Don’t make the mistake of letting these issues go unresolved. Take a proactive approach to get your relationship or marriage back on track.  Relationship Counseling can help.

If you are at a place where you are searching for ways to repair, rebuild or preserve your relationship– contact me. Think of me as your expert counseling guide. As a Licensed Couples Therapist, I provide a comfortable, nonjudgmental and safe environment to discuss your goals and the obstacles getting in the way of connection in your relationship. During Relationship Counseling, I will help you discover the tips and tools you need to experience a healthy and truly rewarding relationship.

What I have learned from experience and ongoing education is that underlying most of the conflicts that couples experience is a missed opportunity to feel listened-to and accepted. Couples get into trouble when they don’t have a full sense of safety and security with each other. Without emotional safety and security (ex: “When I need you, you’ll be there.”; “You’re responsive to my needs.”) it’s almost impossible to maintain a sense of closeness, belonging and intimacy. That is why my focus as a therapist is on your primary needs – feeling close, secure and understood.

Using Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy (EFT), we will identify rigid patterns preventing true closeness in your relationship. We’ll explore those patterns to discover what is really going on inside, individually and in the relationship. Next, I’ll guide you to more effective communication. Through this process, you’ll develop the closeness you want and make your relationship that ‘safe haven’ you deserve and need. Through our efforts, you’ll become the expert of yourself and your relationships.

My practice is open to people of diverse backgrounds & ages. Relationship Counseling Services include: Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling, Premarital Counseling and Individual Therapy sessions available in the greater San Diego County area. Chappell Therapy has sessions available days & evenings, Mon- Fri; mornings and afternoons, Sat-Sun. Click here to Schedule a Consultation. Learn more about Emotionally Focused Therapy.


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