Couples Counseling in San DiegoAre you looking for Couples Counseling in San Diego?

San Diego, known as the world’s finest city is known to be a comfortable 70 degrees year round. But what happens when it doesn’t feel so comfortable and warm in your relationship? Attending Couples Counseling in San Diego will help strengthen your relationship bond and have your ready and excited to venture out into this great city as a couple. Learn more about how you can benefit from couples counseling.

When things aren’t going great in our marriage or relationship it effects our ability to enjoy our surroundings. Going to the beach or checking out that new restaurant in North Park can trigger a fight that leaves hurt feelings or frustrations that get in the way of fully sharing what San Diego has to offer in your relationship. This can lead to a pattern of avoiding going out as a couple all together. Learn more about Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling.

So, how can couples counseling in San Diego help? Couples counseling will focus on your relationship communication and conflict resolution patterns that get in the way of enjoying each other and the San Diego community. Engaging in counseling will help you and your partner to develop new ways of connecting. In short, you’ll start to experience each other in a new way. You will have a sense that you and your partner are more connected and able to really understand each other.

Signs you will benefit from Couples Counseling:

  • Small things turn into big fights
  • You hold your feelings back to avoid conflict
  • You don’t feel understood by your partner
  • There are unresolved issues that keep coming up
  • There is a lack or question of trust
  • You don’t feel like a priority in your relationship


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